• As a temporal escape from exhausting daily routine, we compose our salon of private seating; carefully controlled lighting;  and even smoothing tunes of  music to promote calm and comfort.

  • Find yourself enjoy the small pleasures of getting pampered in our dimly lighted semi-private pedicure rooms.

  • We selectively curate our products at best quality, latest trends and collections​. 

  • Our products are chosen to promote the healthiness of your natural nails beyond enhancing their appearance

  • We carry more than 1000 shades of dipping powders and polishes. 

Sanitation &
Safe Practices
  • We dispose nail files, buffers and callus removers after each use.

  • Our implements come freshly in separated pouches from hospital-grade dry heat sterilizer.

  • We have bath tub liners per your request, however we strive to preserve the environment by minimizing the use of plastic. 

  • We take extra steps to clean our pedicure tubs to ensure utmost cleanliness and protection for our team and clients.

  • We recognize the concerns of UV lights and therefore only use LED lights to cure gel products.